Reflecting on why I have my dogs…

A question I ponder for a brief moment when people might say to me “you have your hands full”.  People clearly think Im nuts to have five dogs, particularly when they all pile out of my car.  I dont think I have my hands full as my dogs do as they are told and are responsive to command.  I enjoy my dogs, I enjoy seeing them having fun.  So why do I have dogs?  It might be something some people question when walking their dog(s) in the rain getting muddy or when faced with an unexpected big vet bill, some may think heck why did I do this when they return home to a dog that has been destructive.  BUT for me having a dog is by far one of the best things I have ever done.  A dog will be your companion, will never sit in judgement of you and will always be there for you regardless of your mood or looks.  Dogs are very forgiving creatures and their loyalty to you is resolute.

A dog gives you so much in companionship – the unconditional love cannot be put up against the cost of keeping a dog or the wet muddy clothes incurred occassionally on a walk. 

Life really is too short to not have pleasure in the life you hold.  My life is my family and my labradors.  Loyalty cannot be bought but it certainly can be given to you in the form of your partner, children (you hope! wink!) and with your dogs it will be a certainty.  Having read an article today of a Labrador mourning his owner and not leaving the coffin at the funeral service.

Room for more?!!

If you own dogs you would surely “get” the pleasure that I do, in seeing dogs be dogs.  I really enjoy seeing my dogs race about after a ball or playing dog tag with each other.  Melvin plays a hoolie in the house.  Having my gang greet me when I walk through the door is a joy I cannot convey to non doggy people.

Happy Labbies! Hoollie Time!

It is so important to enjoy what you have.  Last night Melvin took part in what was, my old boy Maxie’s role in the house….Bathtime.  Max used to love eating foam from the bathtub, Melvin is also a keen soap suds stealer!

Katherine and Melvin enjoying the soap foam!

I am so happy with what I have in my life, ordered chaos on occassion.  In life you most certainly get back what you put in.  I adore having my dogs, I love to train them, walking them is a big part of who I am.  I simply cannot imagine life without my dogs.

When asked do I have enough dogs, the answer is very honestly… NO!  As I would love to have at least a couple more!

In short, why do I have my dogs?  Because my life is all the better for having them in it.