Where did my cute boy go?

At the tender age of 4months and 1day…. my dear sweet little boy has been up to a few naughty things ALL in ONE DAY! gah!  oh I paid for all my nice comments, he sniggered at me today when he read yesterdays entry.

On this mornings walk, he found a dead bird, whilst I removed it from his mouth (ok I hear you, he is a gundog after all….but he was eating it…..) I realised he was also covered in fox poo, and now, so was my hand.  yuk.  I dealt with this as best I could by muttering quite a bit under my breath – dirty boy.  When it came to go home as I was putting on his lead that I realised he was much worse than I thought, the collar was totally coated in the vile fox poo.  So when we got home Melvin was destined for the shower, Melvin however, had other ideas and rolled in all the dog bedding first.  Grabbing said “cute” pup, we went into the shower with a bottle of ketchup.  Oh he looked so sad as I washed him.  I towelled him down and with that wonderful backward glance he scampered off……leaping on to my bed and rolled into the pillows.   Melvin!  No! I put him in the garden to dry off and get myself a well earned cup of tea.

As if this naughty behaviour was insuffecient whilst I am drinking my tea, Melvin decides to up his game by running around the garden with my peg bag.  Empyting the bag as he goes, he had a jolly good time with them.  Few pegs survived his little jaunt.  He also had access to his whicker bed which incidentally had been bought to be chewed (to save the kitchen cupbards being chewed) well lets just say he must have had a bit of a hissy fit with it as all that was left was a large table mat :0)  With a big mess surrounding it!  (including a chewed up kitchen ladle and a tea towel).

As if all of these naughty little incidents were not enough he also stole rather alot of the parrot food.  If he starts whistling “Pop goes the weasel” then I know we have a big problem (or if he says pretty birdie, pretty birdie we will know we are in big trouble as he might start telling us what to do by “sit – stay”!!).  Whatever next!

Hopefully Melvin – if you read this entry tomorrow morning then you will know I would like you to return to being my little boy – calm and confident, who sits, stays and observes what is going on.  Not a puppy to run off and be out of sight for more than 30 seconds.  Now I know just what mischief you can get up to in those 30 seconds! PLEASE NO MORE ROLLING IN FOX POO!