Today the puppies are four months old!!

Here we are – the pups have reached four months old.  Melvin is now fully toilet trained with no accidents at all for at least two weeks now. 

We have taken the gang to Rame Head in Cornwall.  We went in the camper van which Melv thought was great as he could sit with me looking out the window on the way there, enjoying the trip on the ferry, then on the way back he was asleep on my lap.  You have to love em when they are so damn cute!    The gang had a fabulous time racing about in the bracken searching out horse poo to munch on.  At one point Melvin had so much in his mouth he was chomping for quite a while! (yuk!)

Brothers Stanley (2yrs) with his little brother Melv (aged 4months)

Here are the gang:

Molly, Stanley, Melvin, Archie and Charlie at Rame Head

I have had recent news on Amber and Sam. Who are both doing very well with their families. (photos will be added of them to their gallery).  I walk Bunty on a regular basis and she too is coming on in leaps and bounds.

When asked today – should we have chosen Melvin?  The reply was a very firm yes.  He is such a calm boy.  I love his character entirely and my life is certainly more fun with a Melvin in it.  The characters of all my dogs are very different and I love them all entirely for different reasons.    To have five dogs may be on occassion hard work though usually it is a doddle.  My dogs are a joy.  What they get up to on a daily basis makes me smile.

It took a while for Melvin to be a proper part of the gang as he learnt his place in the pack but now he has good roughty tufty play fights with his brother Stanley, he gets a bit cheeky with his “step dad” Archie and occassionally plays with Charlie.  Mainly choosing his mum to play with as Stanley plays with Archie.

Happy “FOUR MONTH” birthday puppies!!