Melvin and his siblings are now 10 weeks old

I cannot quite believe that 10 weeks have gone by.  The pups have been raised with love and now all too soon (for me) they are now in their homes.  All settling in, it is vaccination time.  Tomorrow they will be having their second vaccination.  Soon to be starting the next phase of puppyhood.  Walks and training!

Vets advise to stay in after the second vaccination – the advice varying between one and two weeks before starting their walks after the second vaccine.  We have tended to start walks a day or so after the second vaccination.  This is based on the area we walk in is clean and also providing we are not aware of any potential parvo outbreaks.  Socialising is key to the development of the puppy.  Exposing your puppy to new sights and sounds will make your puppy confident.  Now is the time to allow your puppy to soak up as many new things as possible.