The Rabbit has decided he can play with the puppies!

Over the past few days our Rabbit Comet has decided the puppies are safe to play with. So he is being quite bold with them running up to them and then running off, then he chases after them!!  He can easily get away if he chooses to but has had a lovely scamper around the garden with them not far behind him.  He is going up to them and tagging them which is just very sweet!

Puppies playing with the rabbit

Nearly gotcha!

Pesky pups - HAH!!! foiled you, you cant catch me!!!

The rabbit is fine – I can assure you he isnt being “got at” by the pups, it is definitely a game as the rabbit is choosing to go in and tag them, play chase then gets out of their way (Secretly laughing at them…”call yourself gun dogs eh”?!!)