Update including puppy weights, photos and video clips!

The puppies are full of mischief learning how to play with their toys it is so lovely to watch them timidly touching a toy to see what it does, then creating havoc with it 10 seconds later!  They like exploring the sitting room and have ventured into the hallway and kitchen.  It seems that life is a ball when you are a puppy!  (sleep, eat, play seem to be the main activities of these little munchkins.)  They are all putting on weight really well so much so I think they are turning into oompa lumpas!

Colour Collar          Birth Weight       4 weeks
Yellow                        15.4oz               5lb 8oz
White                         1lb 0.8oz           4lb 10.4oz
Green                        13.4oz                4lb 4.8oz
Lilac                           1lb 0.8oz           4lb 13oz
Blue                            14.70z               5lb 2.8oz
Peach                         15.2oz                4lb 9.6oz
Red                             1lb 0.3oz            5lb 6.8oz
Stripes (Turquiose) 1lb 0.8oz            4lb 8.8oz

The puppies are progressing really well.  Toilet training which began 9 days ago is going great, we have only had two poos in the whelping box since the training commenced and all the rest outside.  The vast majority of wee’s outside.   Im really pleased with them!

Feeding time at the zoo….

Puppy Puppy Puppy – Dinner time!

A very sweet picture……


Lilac Collar - Yellow Girl - Keira

White Collar - Black Boy - Stevie! (second born!)