Molly, 54 days pregnant

Molly is now 54 days pregnant, she is fit and healthy. On a walk she is still able to run around but has shown signs of slowing down as Archie is now always getting the ball first.  Molly is looking a little tired at the end of the walk, bless her.

Her tummy is looking rather large and her ribs have expanded quite alot too.  We can feel the puppies moving really easily and also see her tummy moving as they wriggle about.

The puppies ears will have developed as little buds and the hair will now be fully formed.  The puppies are nearly ready to be born.  Usually pups are born at roughly 63-64 days but can be born from 56 days onwards.

I have been out and bought a new “hot box” ready to keep the puppies in just for some parts of the labour, so they will be safe and warm.  The Whelping box is all set and I have put first aid equipment in the steriliser ready for if it is needed.  Hopefully not!  I have just ordered some homeopathic remedies which will be arriving hopefully for tomorrow.  I think I am ready but no doubt I will think of something else I need to go out and buy!