Preparations in progress!

I have spent the weekend getting together all the things needed for our expected new arrivals. The whelping box has come out to be checked over and cleaned.   I have spent much of today making new little foam collars of assorted colours – which are the initial collars I use before I put on the ribbon collars.  The collars are just so cute!  I cant wait to be able to use them.  The postman has made a delivery of some puppy essentials. So everything is coming together nicely.

Molly is doing really well, her tummy is more obvious to us now.  When she is sitting you can see quite a bump appearing.  I cant wait to be able to see the pups moving around in her tummy and also listening for the heartbeats!

Im resisting from giving her extra food but she is definitely on the look out for more food.  I will be increasing her food at roughly six weeks.   

More soon!