Assured Breeders Scheme

We are part of the Kennel Clubs Assured Breeder Scheme.  It is important to us to do everything we can to ensure our puppies are as healthy as can be.  The parents must have had satisfactory health test results so the pups can then be registered.  We cannot maintain status as an Assured Breeder if the parents of a litter do not have the appropriate health tests.  the minimum requirement to be part of the Accredited Breeder scheme is Hip Scoring and BVA Eye Testing, however we have also tested for two DNA tests : PRA and CNM.  As we think with the tests being available that they should be part of the decision process.

The health tests are used as a means of trying to remove risks to the pups with problems such as Hip Dysplasia or PRA.  If the disease can be tested for by means of DNA testing this gives the breeder knowledge PRIOR to breeding.  The results gathered from Hip scores help ascertain a level of risk to developing the disease it cannot guarantee that any pup will NOT get the disease but the breeder has done all they can to ensure the risk is not high (currently a DNA test has not been developed for Hip Dysplasia….though it is being trialled with a laboratory at the moment).  For more information please click on health testing.

For the health test results of our only breeding bitch Molly – please look at her page Molly. noting that all of our boys are neutered.

The parents must be permenantly identified with either a microchip or tattoo.  This is to ensure the test results DO correlate to that dog.

It is our mission to rear healthy puppies that have an all round package of support for the owners once they leave our home.  We are able to offer advice in many areas in the welfare of the puppy.  Health care, training and behavioural issues.  Being at the end of the phone for any question big or small.

Our pups leave the home having received a good start in their socialisation programme, they will be wormed (also treated for fleas as a precaution) and we will have made a very good start on their toilet training.  The pups will be Kennel Club Registered with four weeks free insurance.

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