Marchstone Microchipping Service

I am fully qualified to microchip your dog, microchips are a permenant way of identifying your dog.  A unique number will be given to the chip which will, when registered then contain all the contact details of the owner and the dog.

It is now illegal if your dog is not identichipped.  You must also have a collar and disc on your dog.

Benefits in Microchipping your dog:

1) Microchipping your dog will give you reassurance that should the worse happen you have more of a chance of having your dog returned to you safely.

2) If you are considering using the pet passport scheme to go travelling with your dog, then your dogs needs to be chipped (as well as other elements of the passport scheme must be adhered to).

3) If you are considering using your dog for breeding, you will require your dog to be chipped before any of those health tests can take place (Hip and Elbow scores, BVA eye tests).

4) Once your dog has been chipped it cannot be removed.  Once chipped your dog will never need to be “chipped” again.  (If your dog is already chipped then you cannot have another one added!).  It is a foolproof way of ensuring your details will always be obtainable, more reliable than the legal required I/D disc.

If you breed puppies, they will need to be chopped before they leave you at 8 weeks.  I use dual registration chips which will enable the breeder to remain on the details always in addition to the owner.  This is at no extra charge to have the new owners put onto the registration form.

£15 to chip an adult dog.
£28 for two adult dogs from the same family.

Litters of Puppies
A single pup £15
More than one pup in the same litter £14 per puppy.

*You do need to remember to ask your vet to scan your dog every now and then just to check the chip is working correctly.  Very occassionally a chip may move so it is important to monitor the chip, for example at vaccination time.

*If you are already one of my “dog walking” customer’s I can easily check your dog’s chip for you – just ask!

I offer this service in Plymstock (Plymouth) and the surrounding areas. I can travel to you – which is less stressful for your dog and also saves you having to drive to the vets to get it done!   If your dog isnt chipped and you would like more information please use the contact form or phone me on 07877767384.

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